Kangal Dog Puppy

Kangal Dog Puppy

Sunday, April 30, 2017

More freedom for Lokum-Kangal Dog

I closed off the old corral that Lokums pen is set up in and let him have the freedom of being loose in there all yesterday afternoon. It is not set up yet to keep him in if he wanted to go out real bad so I kept a close eye on him as I worked nearby all afternoon on some projects. He did good and did not attempt at all to escape.

Lokum had a better view of Sarah our other Kangal and the main sheep flock and kept watching all of them intently on and off throughout the day.

As I was working nearby yesterday I tried to not go more than a couple minutes without glancing over to make sure he didn't try to climb or dig out.  I plan to reinforce it with electric to prevent any of that.

Then the next step will be to get some acreage fenced in.  Even right now as I make this post I have Lokum loose in the corral again and I have my laptop in a spot to where I can see him clearly, I glance out every little bit.  I have enough experience with dogs to know that when they decide to do something it only takes a matter of seconds to accomplish their desired inclination. 

However I am confident in my relationship with this dog that if he did somehow escape that he would come to me if I called.  He is quite happy to be any place I am.  With this in mind I don't know if Lokum will ever be a proper Livestock Guardian Dog with him bonding to me so solidly.  But with his strong personality I wouldn't want to do it any other way, I feel that he needs all this training to be a good and well mannered "canine citizen".  If he never works out to be reliable with livestock then he will be my shop protector and farm buddy. 


  1. Great job Russ! It's only been 2 months. Some take 3 years. my experience in rescue both been placing dogs and having rescued them myself. Is that you never know who you have for a full year. I really believe in Lokum's case, you will be the first person to ever know who this dog. You are doing an amazing job! And he isn't fantastic dog... Sending all the best! Mary

  2. Thanks Mary, I'm having a lot of fun with Lokum.