Kangal Dog Puppy

Kangal Dog Puppy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Digging for gophers

Kangals are known for digging. Here Arie shows true to form. She's been hunting for gophers for about a week now but, just the other day learned to excavate their tunnels to get a little bit closer.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I felt sorry for Arie today. She was standing in foot deep water in almost the same location as in this picture which was taken April 29th but today she touched the electric fence with her nose. Ouch! She yelped and spun around and when she did her hind end hit the fence and it nailed her again. She then bolted into deeper water, wielded around while still yelping then kind of half barked, half yelped in the direction of the fence.

She was really spooked after that and wanted to go back to her pen. She kept sulking around and looking all around for anything else that might harm her again. I loved up to her a bunch and put her back in her 16'x16' pen. She was exhausted from the event and slept for a couple hours. After that Arie was almost back to her old self though still a little bit wary.