Kangal Dog Puppy

Kangal Dog Puppy

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lokum being my farm buddy as I work

I put Lokum in what's going to be a portable sheep pen that I'm working on. My first portable sheep pen is shot after years of use, so I am dismantling it and using the hardware for the new one.

I give Lokum as much experience around here as I can, routinely taking him around as I do all kinds of chores.

Also in the video are some scenes of Sarah being a great Livestock Guardian Dog while she lounges about with the sheep.

 Sarah is a very good dog and I hope that Lokum will be like this one day too, content to just hang out with the animals even with not much of a fence. The electric fence that Sarah and the sheep are shown here in is not even energized. I only use this set up when I'm around otherwise they are in a more secure paddock.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brushing Kangal Dog Lokum / shedding 5-6-17

Kangal Dogs shed off their thick winter coats in the spring. Interesting note, Lokum is shedding before Sarah. Sarah really hasn't even started yet, Lokum began shedding a couple weeks ago. We got him from southern IL and I wonder if that has something to do with it, or is there some other reason? It seems to me that his internal clock is still set to southern time. Night times are still pretty chilly here currently so I have a hunch that's why Sarah has not begun to shed yet.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

kangal sarah with sheep 5-5-17

Sarah with sheep May 5, 2017. 

In my opinion Sarah is a perfect Livestock Guardian Dog.  She never wants to leave and doesn't try to escape from enclosures. The electric fence shown here is not even electrified at this point and still Sarah does not even try it.

Another way I think Sarah is a perfect LGD is that she is mellow and will lay around and nap near the sheep, but when something comes up that she perceives as a threat she's all "on".  I've seen lots of pictures and video's of LGD's lazily lounging about by livestock which can make a person not in the "know" wonder how in the world these dogs can be very good at protection, but they become a different animal when fully aroused and Sarah does that perfectly giving a measured response every time. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Using the 26' retractable leash

After seeing myself on video practicing a sit stay with Lokum after he gets tangled up I realize I am rusty at dog training and need more practice my self in consistency and to not repeat commands to the dog.  I need to say it firmly and clearly "one" time and then if he breaks the stay put him back into the sit and keep him there until I release him from it. 

He usually holds his sit stays better than that when we are working on obedience, but here he was being allowed to roam freely and wasn't expecting to have to work for it. 

26' retractable leash

Review and description of my 26' retractable leash and how I use it with Lokum.