Kangal Dog Puppy

Kangal Dog Puppy

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last post

I don't know how to say this, but the short chapter of Arie in our lives came to a sudden close early this morning. Little did I know it when I stayed up late last night putting together the video in yesterdays post that it would actually become a kind of memorial for Arie and that I'd be burying her today. My worst fear for her was realized as she got out on the highway and was struck and killed by a car or truck. We can only guess she was chasing a deer some time just before sunrise. A very kind lady came knocking on our door about 6:45 am to see if she might belong to us. It was apparent Arie had been there for awhile. Somehow the electric fence around her 1+ acre paddock did not deter her from getting out. It was working just fine when I turned in for the night and fine this morning so we can only speculate as to why it did not keep her in.

I am deeply disappointed by this unfortunate event. I immensely enjoyed raising Arie and working with her every day to see her turn into such a wonderful LGD. After watching the video I posted about wolves in Wisconsin I can now even more sympathize with hunters who loose their dogs after spending all the time and energy it takes to raise a dog and train it only to loose it in a most unfortunate way. And I've heard many stories over the years of hunting dogs chasing game across a road and getting killed that way. This has happened to me once before many years ago with a female Fila Brasileiro I once owned. The dog bolted from me chasing after a rabbit which went across the road and she too was killed. This morning brought all that back to me in vivid reality.

I had originally hoped to breed Arie a time or two as long as she stayed true to the breed. Yet, there was a point when I considered having her spayed when she was exhibiting aggression toward the stock. However after the summer when she settled down considerably I began to entertain the idea once again of having her bred at least once in order to obtain some more dogs and to perhaps recoup some of my investment. That is all history now.

I can only hope that at some point in the future I can obtain one or more Kangals once again. They are truly some impressive dogs. I'm going to miss Arie for a good long while.

For my own reference and who ever might find interest in the record of this blog I plan to keep it and not remove it from public viewing. Maybe later on I'll post some more of my experiences with Arie that never got put on here.

Thanks for following our posts on our first Kangal Dog puppy. Sorry to have to break such sad news.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Test run

In this video the pictures show a test run of Arie hanging out with the main flock of sheep for the day. I put her shock collar on as a precaution in case she got any ideas of being inappropriate with the livestock. Not that she would have received a shock but only the tone just in case. But, it was never needed, she behaved perfectly, as you can see in the pictures.

In the close ups of Arie you can see a new "battle scar" next to her eye. Presumably it's from an altercation she might have had with a ram. My guess is it would have been from that same ram she had a skirmish with a week or so ago when he was attempting to bestow her with unwanted affections.

Loves to be petted

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here's a goofy picture of Arie. Obviously her snout is not really this long it's just the distortion from the camera angle and all that. Just thought it was a funny picture.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wolves in Wisconsin

Watch Wolves in Wisconsin on PBS. See more from WPT Documentaries.

Hoop house finished

Here's some pictures of the finished hoop structure. Now we are ready for winter. The sheep never needed such a nice place to winter over, but I wanted Arie to have a dry place to go to when she ever she wants. Makes a very nice dog house.

Normally Arie lays just outside and watches over everything. The buildings are located on a high spot and that's usually where she rests.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but I got Arie a new fluorescent orange collar since hunting season is here once again.

She is again enjoying plenty of venison scraps and bones besides chicken.