Kangal Dog Puppy

Kangal Dog Puppy

Saturday, May 6, 2017

kangal sarah with sheep 5-5-17

Sarah with sheep May 5, 2017. 

In my opinion Sarah is a perfect Livestock Guardian Dog.  She never wants to leave and doesn't try to escape from enclosures. The electric fence shown here is not even electrified at this point and still Sarah does not even try it.

Another way I think Sarah is a perfect LGD is that she is mellow and will lay around and nap near the sheep, but when something comes up that she perceives as a threat she's all "on".  I've seen lots of pictures and video's of LGD's lazily lounging about by livestock which can make a person not in the "know" wonder how in the world these dogs can be very good at protection, but they become a different animal when fully aroused and Sarah does that perfectly giving a measured response every time. 

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